Why to build a mobile app for FMCG

  • Why to have a mobile app for FMCG?

Along with many others, the FMCG i.e. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry is being revolutionized by newly rolled out devices and technologies. The possibilities for building in retail and POS (Point of Sale) functions into mobile applications is limitless and is made possible by a variety of emerging and established technologies.

How will having a mobile app will help fast-moving consumer food market?

The usage of Mobile has changed the way people live their lives.

The smart phone is the trusted guide for everyone. A recent survey indicated that 88% of respondents preferred their smart phone to be on their side and revealed that e-commerce enabled mobile devices enables FMCG market brands to engage with shoppers. With more smartphones than people across the world today, a mobile app is clearly the most convenient means for FMCG market to engage with their shoppers.

Importance of a mobile app in the FMCG market:

  • Mobile-enabled data searchers who try to access whichever brand or store offers seems to be the best deal. The application offers FMCG brands to create more shopper loyalty in the form of habitual purchasing.
  • One research report published by UK retail trade body IMRG and Capgemini indicates that 52% of traffic now comes through smartphones and tablets.

How it will help financially?

The mobile app is easy to use and technically robust. It involves a much lower financial commitment, as compared to a PC with fixed broadband. Moreover, it well to transient people and those with in-home mobility challenges. An ideal means to internet access for ‘digitally reluctant’ people to get access to a desktop or laptop device.

Increase Your Customer Reach.

Build a shopping app which will allow users to view product descriptions enhanced with high-quality images. While in the store, 50% of people use their smartphones to view product description and 40% of people use their smartphones to check the price of a product. Custom mobile apps also allow them to order and buy a specific product from any store and even share the information with other users.

Characteristics of  having an app for Grocery Store which provides Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • From the consumer’s perspective
  1. Frequent purchases
  2. Less engagement(little or no effort to choose the item)
  3. Low prices
  4. Short shelf life
  5. Rapid consumption
  6. From the marketer perspective
  7. High volumes
  8. Low contribution margins
  9. Extensive distribution networks
  10. High stock turnover

Drive Mobile CRM Adoption and Enable Your Salesforce

Having the most up-to-date ordering information at their fingertips without any need to manually enter orders allows salespeople to support customers better. It takes more time for the real art of selling V/S having to take care of administration and support.  An automatic mobile integration with your CRM system can also increase cross and up-selling and ease the work of maintenance and support teams within your organisation.

  • With FMCG sales app, enterprises can get a comprehensive analytical report on a number of stores visited by respective field sales representatives. Identify the sales gaps and distribute goods and services so giving a complete management visibility of sales representative’s performance to streamline your FMCG sales processes.
  • With the Sales Order App, you can keep the inventory at greatest. Field sales reps can alert the head office spontaneously on the stock level in each store and order new stocks based on availability
  • Sales order tracking of the FMCG goods with expected delivery date gives the certainty while making the sales order.
  • Sales orders for multiple deliveries of items/products with access to promotions and discounts.


Today more than half of adults make use of a smartphone/mobile device to use online, as they consider that mobile app is the key tool to discuss digital inclusion. With the internet transforming mobile technology fast and accessible, mobile device enhances the volume of Consumer Goods Market. Through facilitating mobile app to do the business process, the need of having a mobile app plays as bringing more people online.                                                                           

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